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You guys have earned each and every word of commendation!

It’s always been such a pleasure doing business with you and Rosa over the years. I just wanted you to know that I recognize the effort and appreciate how quickly you guys have processed and shipped all of my orders. It’s very rare to find a company such as yours who makes ordering something such an easy and enjoyable experience.

It’s people like you who others should follow. You guys definitely set the bar.

If you ever want a customer testimonial for your website, feel free to use my words. I’m more than happy to applaud your services and the products you carry.

Very sincerely, and many thanks to you both,

Holly K. -


I just want to say, again, your produce AND your amazing Customer Service is heads and shoulders above the rest! At every opportunity I tell others about your product – this mainly happens at my hair salon. You are simply THE BEST!!

Carolyn M. -

Hi David!

Got my order yesterday, thanks for getting it out sooo quickly!!

Diane C -

Thanks, I’ve been a customer for about two years and always have always had a positive experience and great price, Thanks again.

-Scott -

SureThik Fibers


Surethik is Like Having Your Hair in a Bottle.

SureThik™ is made from the same organic Keratin protein as your own naturally growing hair. SureThik™ is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut with a laser into tiny micro sized fibers.

These microscopic “hair fibers” build upon your existing hair to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage. When you sprinkle the SureThik Hair Fibers over your existing hair, they begin to attach to it immediately.

The fibers not only attach to your hair, but they also attach to each other. Within seconds the fibers begin to thicken the hair and start filling in the areas without hair. Effectively creating a thick canopy of hair that covers your head the way your natural hair did years ago.

Since the fibers are microscopic and made of the same material as your hair, they blend perfectly with you hair. Once applied it is virtually impossible to determine where your natural hair ends and where the SureThik Hair Building Fibers begin. In other words, it becomes virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Surethik Hair Fibers Benefits:

  • No chemicals used to modify the fibers to appear fiber-like
  • Eliminate the appearance of baldness or thinning hair in 10 seconds guaranteed
  • Includes all natural Keratin (ultra fine wool) fibers giving you a natural look and feel for undetectable use
  • Fibers do not clump or bunch
  • Even dispersement for natural looking coverage
  • No chemicals used to manage the static properties
  • Eight color choices for easy blend-ability
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Rain, wind and perspiration proof
  • Compatible with hair loss medications
  • No special hair styling products needed
  • Available in virtually every hair color
  • Washes out with shampoo


SureThik® Hair Building Fibers are not just another cover up solution to hair loss.

Unlike many of the cosmetic solutions currently on the market, SureThik® hair thickening, otherwise known as hair building fibers are totally undetectable. It’s not a colored spray paint, or a messy cream, both of which produce a matte, lusterless appearance. The results you’ll achieve with SureThik® will completely surpass anything you’ve seen or tried in the past!

An All-Natural Solution for Both Men and Women

SureThik® is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut with a laser into tiny micro sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage. SureThik® is made from the same organic keratin protein as your own natural growing hair. It is completely safe and an all natural solution for both men and women.

People All Over Love the Results SureThik® Delivers

SureThik® is the solution that men and women who suffer from hair loss have only dreamed of till now, but don’t just take our word for it, we invite you to browse our site and learn more about SureThik®. Read about some of the fantastic response we’ve gotten from our customers on our testimonials page, take a look at some of the great before and after photos in our SureThik® Makovers.

Don’t suffer with the embarrassment of hair loss any longer, order SureThik® today and say goodbye to the appearance of hair loss forever.

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