The Amazing Volluma Hair Thickener Fiber Spray

Volluma offers you the magic of hair thickening through the use of hair fibers. Just like powder hair fibers, Volluma is an easy, pain-free, inexpensive and quick solution to thinning hair and bald spots. However, Volluma offers some great ADDITIONAL benefits:

  • Volluma is Waterproof - Rain, Sweat, and Swimming will NOT remove the fibers.
  • Volluma's Fibers Firmly Attach to the Hair Shaft - Brushing your hair, running your fingers through your hair and even strong winds will NOT remove the fibers. When you are ready to remove the fibers, it can be easily done with our Volluma Shampoo.
  • You Can Brush and Style Your Hair After Thickening Your Hair with Volluma.
  • Looks Completely Natural - Volluma offers 12 different colors to perfectly match your hair.

Note: The Volluma Hair Thickening Fibers can be removed quickly and easily using the Volluma Shampoo. It only takes one wash. Regular shampoos can also remove the fibers, but it could take a few washings.